Enabling Direct Connect

To start using this feature, take the following steps:

  1. Download NAKIVO Backup & Replication installer or a VA with Transporter.

  2. Install Transporter at the remote environment and set the master password during the installation. Alternatively, deploy Transporter VA at the remote environment. The master password for the VA can be set after the deployment.

  3. If you didn’t set up the master password during the installer setup or if you have deployed Transporter VA, you need to generate a pre-shared key. This can be done at any time after the installation. Execute the following command in Transporter installation folder:
    bhsvc -b “password”

  4. Restart the Transporter service after generating the password to apply the change.

  5. Expose the Transporter port on the local machine to be externally available via the Internet.

  6. Add the remote transporter to NAKIVO Backup & Replication by entering the Transporter details.

  7. Select Enable Direct Connect for this transporter.

  8. Enter master password.

  9. Click Connect.

  10. View Transporter certificate information.

  11. Accept received certificate.

  12. Confirm adding the Transporter.