Creating Microsoft 365 Backup Jobs

With NAKIVO Backup & Replication, you can back up an entire Microsoft 365 account or individual mailboxes, drives, sites, and Teams within that account. When creating a backup job for your Microsoft 365 account(s), you can specify which items to back up, where to store the backups, how often the backup job will run, and other backup options. 

To create a backup job, click the plus Create button in the Jobs menu, and then click Backup for Microsoft 365.


  • Refer to Required API Permissions for Microsoft 365 to see the list of required permissions for backing up Microsoft 365 objects.

  • Refer to Microsoft 365 Platform Limitations of the latest Release Notes for the full list of Microsoft 365 items that are not supported.

  • For mailbox backups, the size displayed in the Transferred Raw Data widget shows the amount of data that was actually transferred during backup. This size may differ from the total mailbox size displayed in the Job Info widget. Refer to Backup Job Wizard for Microsoft 365: Source for a list of items that are skipped during the backup process.

The New Backup Job Wizard for Microsoft 365 opens. Complete the wizard as described in the sections below: