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Product Version: 8.5
Last Modified: 04 April 2019


An error message is stating that the source host did not provide valid CBT/RCT/CRT data for a VM and the proprietary change tracking technology will be used.


After the initial (full) VM backup or replication, all consequent job runs are forever incremental. By default, NAKIVO Backup & Replication uses VMware CBT, Hyper-V RCT, and Nutanix CRT technologies to identify what data has changed since the last job run. Factors like power outage and other, can cause these technologies to reset and lose a track of incremental changes for a VM.

The above error message appears in case the CBT/RCT/CRT error handling is set to switch to proprietary change tracking technology.


If the problem persists, try editing the job and setting a different error handling on Options step of back and replications jobs.

You can also reset CBT for the VMware VM manually.

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