Stop VMs / Instances Action

The topic covers the following actions of your site recovery job:

  • Stop VMware VMs

  • Stop Microsoft Hyper-V VMs

  • Stop Amazon EC2 Instances

On the Stop VMs / Instances page that opens from the Actions page of the Site Recovery Job Wizard, do the following:

  1. In the left pane of the page, choose one of the following inventory views:

    • Hosts & Clusters: Not available for AWS EC2. When chosen, the inventory tree displays all containers and VMs.

    • VMs & Templates view: Available for VMware only. When chosen, the inventory tree displays VMware hosts, VMs, and VM templates.

    • AWS Accounts: Available for AWS EC2 only. When chosen, the inventory tree displays all AWS EC2 accounts along with their regions and available instances.

    • Policy: When selected, job policies can be used. Refer to Managing Job Policies for details.

      Switching to an alternative view resets your selection in the current view.

  2.  Optionally, you can filter the inventory tree by entering a string into the Search box. You can enter a part of the entire name of the item.

  3. Select at least one VMware/Hyper-V VM or Amazon EC2 instance in the inventory tree.

  4. Set action options. Refer to Site Recovery Job Wizard: Actions for details.

  5. Click Save.

 The page of the wizard closes, and your Stop VMs / Instances action is added to the site recovery job.