HYDRAstor is an award-winning product developed by the NEC Corporation. It is a disk-based grid storage platform offering long-term data retention through its maximized capacity of legacy storage solutions and scalability of performance. A HYDRAstor storage system can be composed of multiple nodes – from one to over 100. Each node consists of standard hardware including disk drives, memory, CPU, and network interfaces. The system is integrated with the HYDRAstor software, thus creating a single storage pool. The software incorporates multiple features of distributed storage systems. The features include content-addressable storage, variable block size, inline global data deduplication, erasure codes, data encryption, Rabin fingerprinting, and load balancing.

HYDRAstor can be scaled from one node to 165 in a multi-rack grid appliance. Its bandwidth and capacity can be scaled separately by using different types of nodes:

  • Hybrid nodes: add both performance and capacity.

  • Storage nodes: add capacity.

HYDRAstor supports online expansion with automatic data migration and zero downtime. With a standard configuration, the product provides resiliency up to 3 concurrent disk/node failures. Failures are detected automatically, and data reconstruction is also performed automatically. This means that if the time between failures is sufficient for reconstructing data, the system will withstand any number of them. For more information about NEC HYDRAstor, refer to the NEC official website

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