Integrating with NEC HYDRAstor

Product version: 10.0

Last modified: 02 July 2020


Is it possible to integrate NAKIVO Backup & Replication with NEC HYDRAstor?


NAKIVO Backup & Replication allows you to create a Backup Repositoryon the NEC HYDRAstor appliance and then create full synthetic backups via Universal Express I/O. To incorporate your NEC HYDRAstor appliance into the product, take the following steps:

  1. Configure NEC HYDRAstor: 

    1. Make sure your NEC HYDRAstor is of supported version

    2. Ensure that UEIO Optimized Synthetics License is applied.

    3. Create a new user with Level Universal Express I/O.

    4. Create an NFS file system. For example, /exports/fs1

  2. Configure the machine on which the NAKIVO Transporter is installed:

    1. Install the Universal Express I/O module v1.8.0 or above on a machine with RHEL Linux OS v5 - v8 in the following way:

      1. Log in to the RHEL machine as a root user.

      2. Obtain the binary package.

      3. On the package file, change permissions by running the following command: 

        chmod +x NEC_HS_Filesystem-X_X_X-RHEL-XXXXXX.bin

      4. Install the package by running the following command: ./NEC_HS_Filesystem-X_X_X-RHEL-XXXXXX.bin

    2. Turn off the Universal Deduped Transfer feature by running the following command: 

      service dedupedTransfer stop

    3. Edit the configuration file /opt/nec/HS/hsfs/hsfs.conf and specify values for USER_NAME and USER_PASSWD. Use the credentials of the user that was created on the HYDRAstor appliance.

    4. Save changes.

    5. Create a new folder to be used as a mount point. For example, /opt/nakivo/repository/hsva

    6. Mount the NFS share from HYDRAstor using the following command: 

      mount -t hsfs HYDRA_address:/export/fs1 /opt/nakivo/repository/hsva.

      The/opt/nakivo/repository/hsva mount won't work automatically after a system reboot. Therefore, make sure to modify system config files to perform an automatic mount.

  3. Configure NAKIVO Backup & Replication:

    1. Open NAKIVO Backup & Replication and navigate to Settings > Repositories.

    2. Click Add Backup Repository > Create new backup repository.

  4. Follow the instructions provided in Backup Repository on Deduplication Appliance for NEC HYDRAstor to complete the creation of the repository on the NEC HYDRAstor appliance. 

For more information about the installation and configuration of the Universal Express I/O, refer to the Universal Express I/O User's Guide.