HPE StoreOnce Catalyst

HPE StoreOnce Systems from Hewlett Packard Enterprise provide a disk-based data protection platform. This platform addresses data growth by applying HPE StoreOnce deduplication software for efficient and long-term backup data retention. HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, a data protection protocol optimized for disk-based data protection, is the most efficient way to transfer data to a StoreOnce System. When using HPE StoreOnce Catalyst for your Backup Repository, you get the following advantages:

  • Reduction in network bandwidth as only unique chunks of data are transferred

  • Lower physical storage space requirements with data deduplication

  • Better backup copy job performance between HPE StoreOnce storage devices.

Starting from NAKIVO Backup & Replication version 10.1, you can create a Backup Repository on a StoreOnce appliance with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst support. Refer to the following topics for details: