How to Allocate More RAM to NAKIVO Director Service

Product version: 10.6

Last modified: 8 July 2022


NAKIVO Backup & Replication displays the following message:

Director is about to run out of memory. Allocate more memory to the application.


During NAKIVO Backup & Replication installation, the JVM memory parameters are configured based on the auto-detected host memory size. However, the application may require more memory than detected automatically. If the NAKIVO Backup & Application Director has less than 10% of JVM memory available, the error message is displayed informing you that the Director is about to run out of memory. If the Director runs out of memory, the product database can get corrupted. 


To allocate more RAM to the NAKIVO Director service you need to extend the JAVA heap memory size parameters. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Stop NAKIVO Backup & Replication Director service.

  2. Increase the maximum heap size (Xmx) and minimum heap size (Xms) in the following NAKIVO Backup & Replication configuration file:

    • For Windows OS: native\win32\backup_replication-service.ini

    • For Linux: choose the file that corresponds with your distribution and startup system:

      • /etc/init.d/nkv-dirsvc

      • /etc/init/nkv-dirsvc.conf

      • /etc/systemd/system/nkv-dirsvc.service

    • For NAS devices: You can find the file on your NAS device by running the following command:

      find / -name "nkv-dirsvc"

  3. Example (for Windows OS)

    File path: C:\Program Files\NAKIVO Backup & Replication\native\win32\backup_replication-service.ini

    JVM values:



    • It is not possible to set the JAVA heap memory size parameters to a value larger than the RAM size.
    • For Ubuntu transporter, make sure you've reloaded daemon after changing service variables by using the following command:

      systemctl daemon-reload

  1. Start the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Director service.

If the error persists, increase the memory settings until you no longer experience this error.