Change Tracking Data Was Not Provided

Product version: 8.5

Last modified: 04 April 2019


An error message states that the source host did not provide valid CBT/RCT/CRT data for a VM and that the proprietary change tracking technology will be used.


After the initial (full) VM backup or replication, all subsequent job runs are forever incremental. By default, NAKIVO Backup & Replication uses VMware CBT, Hyper-V RCT, and Nutanix CRT technologies to identify what data has changed since the last job run. Factors like power outages and others can cause these technologies to reset and lose track of incremental changes for a VM.

The message appears when the CBT/RCT/CRT error handling is set to switch to the proprietary change tracking technology.


If the problem persists, try editing the job and setting a different error handling on the Options step of backup and replication jobs.

You can also reset CBT for the VMware VM manually.