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Release Date: 2016-03-22

New Features in v6.0

  • AWS EC2 Support: Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) instances can be backed up and replicated in the same AWS region, across AWS regions, or offsite. 
  • Backup Copy Jobs: Enables copying backups from one repository to another repository. The backup copy can be run on demand or on schedule, and use the original or a custom retention policy.
  • VMs and Templates View: Added the vSphere's “VMs and Templates” view to job wizards.
  • Native NFS Shares Support: Backup repositories can be created on NFS shares directly from the web UI.
  • Internationalization: Date/time format, first day of the week, and the decimal symbol can be customized.
  • Live Charts: Speed and Transferred Data charts display live information during the job run.
  • Web Interface Redesign: New fonts, icons, page background, dashboards and menus.

v6.0 Limitations

  • AWS EC2 instances with Marketplace Code are not supported for backup in v6.0

Improvements in v6.0

  • Improved Microsoft Exchange email encoding processing
  • Improved CBT error handling
  • Improved automatic CBT reset
  • Improved OS quiescing error handling
  • Copied repository can be imported without removing the original one
  • Configurable compression during data transfer
  • Display name was added for Inventory items
  • Previous job schedule is stored internally if scheduling is disabled
  • Additional VMX settings were added for replicas and recovered VMs
  • Improved error messages for Exchange log truncation
  • Debug logging can be enabled for transporters in web UI

Fixed Issues in v6.0

  • Exchange log truncation on some configurations
  • Repository maintenance interruption
  • Recovery of IDE disks to specific ESXi versions
  • MAC address handling during recovery or flash boot
  • Number of job-level re-tries
  • Size of selected disks displayed on Dashboard
  • Icon display in job reports
  • Job scheduling issue when the next day is deselected

Known Issues in v6.0

  • Synology DSM v6 is not supported by Windows installer for NAS
  • v6.0 update can be applied only to v5.X; update from v4.X or older is not supported
  • Encrypted repositories are not supported with RHEL/SLES (required packages are missing)
  • NFS datastores cannot be used as target datastores for flash VM boot or screenshot verification
  • Replica/recovered VM disks are always created as Lazy zeroed if a source VM has both lazy and eager zeroed
  • Exchange OLR: Emails that were forwarded to recipient as attachments cannot be recovered from the mailbox
  • Linux transporter should be used for replicating/backing up VMs with SATA disks
  • Exchange Public Folders are not supported for granular recovery
  • Default backup repository of the Virtual Appliance cannot be extended beyond 16 TB
  • Application-aware processing for AWS EC2 may hang when using domain credentials
  • Active Directory printers are skipped during recovered items import

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