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Release Date: 2015-06-09

New Features in v5.6

  • Screenshot Verification: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v5.6 provides an automated way to instantly verify VM backups by sending a screenshot of the recovered VM as a proof of recoverability. After a VM backup is completed, the Screenshot Verification feature recovers the VM with Flash VM Boot, makes a screenshot of the booted OS, discards the recovered VM, and sends a report with the screenshot via email. Screenshot Verification can also be run ad hoc or scheduled to run on a particular day. This way you can not only trust that you have a good backup, but also see (and show to your management) that VMs are recoverable.
  • Configuration Export & Import: Allows easy migration of complete product configuration to a new deployment. System configuration, such as jobs, user credentials, inventory items, transporter and backup repository settings, is exported into a single export bundle.The export bundle can be applied to a new deployment. This functionality reduces migration time to several minutes.
  • New Report Types: The following new report types have been added:
    • Point in Time Report: provides data on a particular job run.
    • History Report: provides data on job runs that occurred during a specified time period.

Improvements in v5.6

  • Default CBT error handling has been changed to "reset CBT"
  • Optimized performance of backup repository space reclaim
  • Backup repository space reclaim can pause and resume while a backup or recovery job is in progress
  • Ability to re-run the job only for VMs which failed during last job run
  • Product database auto backup
  • Reduced list of time zones in the job wizard
  • HTTP API for tenant management
  • Size of FLR write cache was increased

  • VA UI usability and reliability updates

Fixed Issues in v5.6

  • User is auto logged out during active FLR/OLR session
  • Massive job start cannot be initiated from Overview/Group Dashboard

Known Issues in v5.6

  • NFS datastores cannot be used with Flash VM Boot and Screenshot Verification
  • Flash VM Boot Job does not add a new VM in case a new child VM was added to a Backup Job
  • Microsoft Exchange Public folders are not supported for granular recovery
  • Microsoft Active Directory printers are skipped during import
  • Microsoft Exchange log truncation cannot be performed on some configurations


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