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Release Date: 2014-10-27

New Features in v5.0

  • Flash VM Boot: The Flash VM Boot feature provides the ability to boot VMware VMs directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups, without recovering the entire VMs first.

Improvements in v5.0

  • New disks added to protected VMs are automatically added to jobs
  • The "Update" has been renamed to "Refresh" in Configuration
  • Clicking Recover for a particular backup/recovery point, automatically selects the object in the Recovery wizard

Fixed Issues in v5.0

  • Updating from previous versions can make the product UI inaccessible if jobs contain a large number of VMs
  • NullPointerException is displayed in the alarm reason in case path does not exist for backup repository
  • Datastore is not auto selected during mapping in case source VC localization differs from the target one
  • Problems with Forward message functionality in Exchange OLR

Known Issues in v5.0

  • Microsoft Exchange Public folders are not supported


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