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Release Date: 2013-09-09

New Features in v3.5

  • Staged Replication: To speed up the initial VM replication and save network bandwidth, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can perform staged replication: back up or replicate to a removable media (such as an external USB drive) and then create a new replication job that will use the transferred VMs as a target and perform only incremental replication.
  • Reuse of Backups and Replicas: If a backup or replication job is lost (due to accidental job deletion or because jobs should be recreated in a new copy of the product) NAKIVO Backup & Replication enables to map source VMs to existing backups and replicas to avoid transferring full VM data over the network again.
  • Static Ports Range for Data Transfer: NAKIVO Backup & Replication now enables to specify a static port range used by a Transporter to transfer data over the network.

Fixed Issues in v3.5

  • Identification of unique ESXi hosts
  • NFC error handling
  • Jobs failure due to NPE
  • Job failures due to local hostname resolving
  • Datastores sorting
  • Sequential processing of VM disks

Improvements in v3.5

  • Space reuse in backup repositories
  • Update to VDDK 5.1.1 library
  • More visibility into backup repositories
  • Alarms widget: visibility and usability updates
  • Auto resize triggers for cloud integration

Known Issues in v3.5

  • Product update from versions 2.0 and earlier is not supported
  • Recovery job editing is not available
  • File recovery for RAID, LVM and Windows Dynamic disks is not available
  • VM recovery from Amazon with incomplete network configuration fails
  • File recovery may work improperly under SLES and RHEL


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