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Product Version: 7.0

Last Modified: 02 Apr 2018


NAKIVO recovery service fails to run on the Linux VM that is selected as a recovery server.


On Linux, NAKIVO recovery service needs special permissions to run. However, such permissions are not configured by the default NAKIVO installation due to security considerations.


Please create a rule file for the Transporter service in /etc/pam.d/ by following the steps below:

  1. Launch the vi editor and create a new bhsvc file:
    vi /etc/pam.d/bhsvc
  2. Edit the content of the bhsvc file to have its content as follows:
    auth required nullok
    auth required
    account required
    session required close
    session required
  3. Save the bhsvc file and close the vi editor:
    1. Press the Esc button to switch the vi editor to the Normal mode.
    2. Enter the “:” symbol to switch to the Command-line mode.
    3. In the Command-line mode, enter the “x” symbol and then press Enter.
  4. Provide necessary permissions for the bhsvc file:
    chmod 644 /etc/pam.d/bhsvc
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