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Transporter is a component of NAKIVO Backup & Replication responsible for data processing and operation of backup repositories. It is a heavy lifter that performs data copying, replication, compression, deduplication, and encryption. 

Transporter is a standalone entity that is managed by Director via TCP messages on a master port (default port value 9446). It transfers data on a dynamic set of ports (default port range 9448-10000). 

A single Transporter can back up, recover and replicate multiple virtual machines and cloud instances. 

A default Transporter installed along with Director is called Onboard Transporter. However, for large and distributed virtual environments, it is necessary to deploy several Transporters to enable network acceleration, balance load, and improve overall scalability. You can also set the maximum number of source disks (6 by default) that each Transporter should process simultaneously.


To ensure uninterrupted work of Transporters, pay attention to the following:

  • All Transporters should be updated timely.
  • When using one Transporter in a multi-tenant mode, make sure that it has enough resources (CPU, RAM, IOPS) for its effective simultaneous use by all the tenants.
  • An overly increased number of tasks concurrently processed by a Transporter may cause the host system to be overloaded.

A Transporter can be assigned by default or manually for your jobs.

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