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In terms of performance, some data may be skipped with your NAKIVO Backup & Replication jobs.

Container's VMs or Instances

While backing up a container – cluster, server, host, folder, resource pool, EC2 region or account,– you may choose to exclude/remove some of the VMs/Instances inside that container if they do not need to be backed up or replicated frequently. For example, please refer to the Excluding VM Disks from the Backup Job section of the Backup Job Wizard for VMware: Destination topic of the NAKIVO User Guide.

Swap Files and Partitions

You may choose to skip swap files and partitions while backing up and replicating virtual machines in order to reduce the backup size. The option is available through the System Settings.

Virtual Disks

Specific virtual disks may be excluded from a backup or replication job if required. You can refer to the subsection Excluding VM Disks from the Backup Job of Backup Job Wizard for VMware: Destination for instructions on skipping virtual disks for your VMware backup job.

Recovery Points

With retention policies configured appropriately for your backup and replication jobs, you can specify for how long you wish a recovery point to be kept in the backup repository; how many final recovery points may be kept instead. You can refer to Backup Job Wizard for VMware: Retention on how to configure retention for your VMware backup job. 

Objects and Files

While recovering files and objects, you can considerably reduce bandwidth and improve performance by choosing the right objects and files to be excluded for your recovery jobs. You can refer to the corresponding Recovery pages of the NAKIVO Backup & Replication User Guide.

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