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Backup Repository is the location where all backups are stored. When you add a Backup Repository, NAKIVO Backup & Replication creates a folder named “NakivoBackup” in a specified location. Sometimes, due to a lack of storage space, infrastructure upgrade, migration to new hardware or some other reason, you might need to change the location of your Backup Repository.

Migrating Backup Repository to New Location

Before moving a Backup Repository:

  • Stop all the jobs related to the Backup Repository that you want to move and then detach it to ensure consistency of its backups.
  • Do proper capacity planning in the new location.
  • Consider the expected duration of the Backup Repository migration as this process causes backup downtime.

To migrate the Backup Repository to a new location, follow the instructions provided in the NAKIVO Backup & Replication Knowledge Base article. The next time you run a backup job, the backup files will be stored in the new location you’ve specified.

Moving Backups to Different Type of Backup Repository

If you are using forever-incremental Backup Repository, and at some point, you decide that you need to perform regular full backups along with incremental backups, you should create an incremental-with-full-backups repository for that. Then, copy all your backups to a new backup repository and make all the necessary changes the way it’s described in the following NAKIVO Backup & Replication Knowledge Base article.

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