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NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers several deployment scenarios:

  • Single site deployment. Choose this scenario if your virtual environment is located on one site. In most cases, a full software solution installed on one of the machines in your infrastructure is sufficient to back up, replicate and recover machines for multiple hosts at a single site.

  • Distributed deployment. Follow this deployment scenario if your virtual environment is placed on multiple sites, or when there is a need to back up/replicate over WAN. This scenario requires the Director and Transporter to be installed at one site, and at least one additional Transporter at each other site.

  • Multi-tenant deployment. Deploy the product in a multi-tenant mode if your business has an infrastructure hierarchy. This will allow you to create multiple isolated tenants that can be managed through the tenant dashboard. Using the self-service web portal, tenants can offload tasks from a service provider. Also, this deployment scenario can be used by Managed Services Providers interested in Backup-as-a-Service or DR-as-a-service.

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