Removing the Disk with Backup Repository from Virtual Appliance

The Virtual Appliance (VA) comes with a 500 GB disk on which a Backup Repository is created. If you have deployed the Virtual Appliance disks using the Thin Provision option, then the disk does not consume 500 GB of space on your datastore – only the space occupied by VM backups is consumed.

If you still would like to delete the 500GB disk after you have deployed the Virtual Appliance, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

  2. Go to the Configuration > Repositories tab.

  3. Click Onboard repository

  4.  Click Manage and choose Remove from the menu.

  5. In the message that opens, click the Remove Repository and Delete Backups button.

  6. Click Remove to confirm that you wish to remove the Backup Repository.

  7. Open the vSphere client and launch the console of the VA.

  8. In the Virtual Appliance interface, select the Exit to system console option and press Enter.

  9. Enter a login and password (default are root/root).

  10. Run the following command to unmount the volume on which the Backup Repository is located: umount /opt/nakivo/repository

  11. Open the configuration file with the nano editor by running the following command: nano/etc/fstab

  12. In the editor, delete the line: dev/mapper/Volume_Group_Backup_Repository_500GB/Logical_Volume_Backup_Repository_500GB /opt/nakivo ext4 defaults 0 2

  13. Save changes by pressing Ctrl+O, and then pressing Enter.

  14. Exit the editor by pressing Ctrl+X.

  15. Power off the VA and delete the 500 GB disk.