Managing Locations

Device location is a logical container representing a geographical place where the tape devices are located. Larger companies can have their tape devices in different locations, e.g. the UK, USA, Australia, etc. By default, the system automatically creates the My Office device location, but you can create more device locations if necessary. Refer to these sections for details:

Adding Device Locations

To add a Location:

  1. Go to Settings > Tape.

  2. With the Devices or Tapes view selected, click Manage and select Locations. The Location Management dialog opens.

  3. Click Add New Location.

  4. In the Add New Location dialog box, specify a name for the device location and provide its description (optionally).

  5. Click Save. The new device location is added to the list.

Managing Device Locations

From the Location Management screen,  you can also edit or delete Locations by using the corresponding buttons or search for the location by entering a location name (or a part of its name) into the Search box.