Configuring System Settings in Multi-Tenant Mode

To configure the system settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to NAKIVO Backup & Replication as a Master Admin.

  2. Click Settings in the left pane of the product.

  3. Go to the General tab and click System settings

  4. Select or deselect the following options:

    • Store system events for the last X days: This option specifies the time period (from 10 to 365 days) during which the application events will be kept. Older events are automatically deleted.

    • Auto log out after X minutes of inactivity: If this option is selected, the current user will be automatically logged out of the product after the specified period of inactivity.

    • Auto upload support bundles to support team server: If this option is enabled, NAKIVO Backup & Replication will automatically create, encrypt, and upload support bundles once a day to a NAKIVO support server during the evaluation period. The NAKIVO Support team may use this information to improve the product experience and will be able to identify and resolve product issues faster.

    • Enable built-in support chat: If selected, this will allow you to chat with the NAKIVO support team. 

    • Display special offers: If selected, this will show a toolbar with special offers in the GUI.

    • Continue product update if self-backup fails: If selected, product update will proceed even if automatic self-backup cannot be performed.

    • Tape options: These present  you with setting options for tape devices:

      • Auto erase expired tapes: If selected, expired tape cartridges will be erased automatically.

      • Wait for next tape for: Specify for how long the system needs to wait for the next tape cartridge if there is no appropriate one. Select the Send email notification checkbox to allow you to receive email notifications.

      • Auto refresh tapes every: Select how often the contents of tape cartridges are to be refreshed in minutes or hours. Deselect if no refreshing is required.

    • Regional options: Set the clock format, short date format, long date format, first day of the week, decimal symbol, and default time zone in the corresponding fields. 

  •  In the Web Interface TLS/SSL Certificate section, you can either:

    • View current certificate: A dialog containing the current certificate information opens.

    • Install new certificate: A dialog opens, allowing you to install a new TLS/SSL certificate for the NAKIVO Backup & Replication web interface. Certificates are generated either internally or through certification authorities. Proceed as follows to install a new certificate:

      • Click Browse and navigate to the location of either of the following certificate file types:

        • Private key: A file in the *.key format.

        • Private key password (optional): A password for your private key.

        • Certificate file: A file in the *.pem, *.crt, *.cer, *.p7b, or *.p7s format.

        • Intermediate certificate (optional): A file in the *.pem, *.crt, *.cer, *.p7b, *.p7s format.

    • Click Install. 

In the Web Interface TLS/SSL Certificate section, you can see a notification about imminent TLS/SSL certificate expiration in 30 days and onwards. If your certificate has expired, you will be asked to install a valid certificate.