Email Settings

On this page, you can configure your email settings. Do this by following the steps below:

  • Log in to NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

  • Click Settings in the left pane of the product.

  • Go to the General tab.

  • Click Email Settings to configure email settings on the page that opens.

If you use an email with two-factor authentication, grant access permissions to NAKIVO Backup & Replication via your account security settings and generate a unique password. As an example, use instructions for Google accounts provided in the Create & use App Passwords article. When configuring email setting of the product, enter this password in the SMTP password box.

  1. To set email settings, fill out the fields in the Email settings section:

    • SMTP server: The address of the server responsible for sending emails.

    • SMTP username: The username on the server (usually the same as the email username).

    • SMTP password: Usually the same as the password to your email.

    • SMTP port: Depends on encryption type.

    • Encryption: Select the type of encryption:

      • None: Always use a plaintext connection. Not recommended.

      • TLS, if possible: Start with plaintext, then use STARTTLS to switch to secure connection if supported by the server.

      • TLS, required: Start with plaintext, then use STARTTLS to switch to secure connection; drop the connection if not supported by the server.

      • SSL, required: Use the SSL-encrypted connection.

    • From: Specify the sender email address

    • To: Specify the receiver email address

    Click Send Test Email to verify that the settings are correct.

    If you want to use a Gmail account to receive email notifications, turn on the Less secure apps access setting by navigating to Manage your Google Account > Security in your Google account.

  2. Click Apply to save the settings.

  3. Alternatively, click Discard Changes to discard any changes you have made to the email configuration.

  4. Optionally, click Reset Settings to return all the settings to their default values.