Starting Microsoft Hyper-V Failover to Replica

Before starting a replica failover job for Hyper-V, make sure that you have a Hyper-V replication job with at least one backup available. Refer to Creating Hyper-V Replication Jobs for details.

To start the procedure of switching a Hyper-V system workload to a backup VM, do the following:

  1. Click Recover in the Jobs menu.

  2. Click Replication failover for Microsoft Hyper-V in the Hyper-V Full Recovery section. Note that the Hyper-V replication job must have been completed successfully for this option to be available.

  3. Alternatively, select the relevant replication job and click Recover > Replication failover for Microsoft Hyper-V.

  4. Addtionally, the failover can be performed by using the Search function.

The New Replication Failover Job Wizard for Microsoft Hyper-V opens.