Object Recovery Wizard for Microsoft SQL Server: Recovery Server

To set up a recovery server for Microsoft SQL Server objects:

  1. The Recovery Server Settings section opens. Please enter the following values:
    • Recovery server: Choose the target server from the drop-down list.


      • NAKIVO Backup & Replication will try to auto-detect the IP address automatically.

      • Servers added using Direct Connect are not supported.

    • Server IP address: Enter the IP address of the recovery server if it is not detected by the application based on the recovery server name.
    • Use custom SSH port: If necessary, enter an SSH port to be used for connecting to the recovery server. The default value is 22.
    • Credentials type: Choose your preferred option and enter your respective credentials. Refer to Requirements for Microsoft SQL Server Object Recovery for a full list of requirements for recovering files to server.
      • Password: Enter a username with administrative privileges for the file share entered above and your password.

      • Private key: Select your private key from the drop-down list.

    • SQL instance: Select a target SQL instance.
  2. Click the Test Connection button to test your credentials for the specified recovery server. If your credentials are correct, a checkmark appears to the right of the button.

  3. Click Next.