Object Recovery Wizard for Microsoft SQL Server: Options

On the Options page of the wizard, set the options for the recovery job.

Recovery Scope

Set the recovery scope by selecting either Recover schema and data or Recover only schema.

Recovery Settings

Set up the recovery type and overwrite behavior.

Recovery Type

  • Recover to original location: Recover objects to the same server and SQL instance where they were originally located.

  • Recover to custom location: Recover objects to a different instance.

  • Export : Export objects as files to a specified location.

    • SQL instance: Select the target SQL instance.

    • Target database: Select the target database of the selected instance.

    • Local folder on Recovery Server: Specify a path to save objects.

    • CIFS share: Specify a remote CIFS (Windows) file share and your credentials for it (or select them from the Manage credentials list).

If you are using a domain name, enter it in the following format: domain\username

Overwrite Behavior

Select what to do if the recovered item conflicts with an existing one:

  • Rename recovered item if such item exists
  • Skip recovered item if such item exists
  • Overwrite the original item if such item exists

Click Recover to start the object recovery process. The Finish page opens.