Using Filters

About Filters

The Master Tenant Dashboard has 5 filter categories, which allow you to quickly display tenants based on their characteristics. The following filters are available:

  • Status:

    • OK: Displays tenants that have no errors and notifications

    • Warning: Displays only tenants that have notifications

    • Error: Displays only tenants that have errors

  • Type:

    • Local: Displays only local tenants

    • Remote: Displays only remote tenants

  • Activity:

    • Enabled: Displays only enabled tenants

    • Disabled: Displays only disabled tenants

  • Labels: Filters tenants by labels assigned to them

  • VMs Allocated: Filters tenants by the number of VMs allocated to them

Applying Filters

To apply a filter, check the box to the left of a filter name.

To dismiss a filter, simply uncheck the box to the left of the name of an active filter.