Connecting to an Amazon EC2 Instance from Windows

You can use the following free tools to connect to your Amazon EC2 instance:

  1. Log in to NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

  2. Go to Settings > Transporters.

  3. Download the keys of your Amazon instance.


  4. Click on the Transporter to view its details. Copy or remember the IP-address/hostname of the Amazon instance.

  5. Unzip the folder with the key.

  6. Convert the key using PuTTYgen:

    1. In PuTTYgen menu, go to Conversions > Import.

      PuTTYgen menu

    2. Locate the SSH_key.pem you just downloaded and unzipped. If you don't see it in the Open... dialogue box, change the file type to All files.

      Locate the SHH key

    3. Click on Save private key. If PuTTYgen asks you to save the key without a passphrase, click Yes.

  7. Open WinSCP.

  8. Create a new session:

    1. Add the hostname or IP address of your Amazon instance you received on step 4 into the Host Name box.

    2. In the Username box, enter nkvuser.

    3. Leave the Password box empty.

    4. Add the private key to WinSCP:

      1. Click the Advanced... button.

      2. The Advanced Site Settings dialog box opens. Go to SSH > Authentication > Private key file: and select the key file you generated on step 6.

        Private key file 

      3. Click OK.

    5. Click Login

    6. Upload the updater file.

    7. Open PuTTY.

    8. Enter the IP-address or hostname of the Amazon EC2 instance.

    9. Go to Connection > SSH > Auth and add the private key in Private key file for authentication: box.

       Private key file for authentication

    10. Click Open.

    11. In the command line prompt that opens: log in to the Amazon EC2 instance:

      1. For login, enter nkvuser.

      2. For password, leave a blank line.

  9. Update NAKIVO Backup & Replication following the instructions.