Uploading Installer from Windows Machine to Linux Machine

To upload the installer from a Windows-based machine, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the free WinSCP client from http://winscp.net, install, and run it.

  2. Choose SCP from the File protocol list.

  3. Specify the IP address or the hostname of the Linux machine on which you would like to install the product in the Host name field.

  4. Specify the username and password to the Linux machine in the appropriate boxes.

  5. Leave other options as is and click Login.

  6. Click Yes in the dialog box that opens.

  7. In the left pane, find the folder that contains the Linux installer, in the right pane, go up to the root folder.

  8. Drag and drop the installer from left to the right pane.

  9. Choose Binary from the Transfer settings drop-down list in the Copy dialog box that opens.

    Choose Binary from the Transfer settings

  10. Click Copy.