Backup Job Wizard for File Share: Destination

On the Destination page, select a backup repository for storing the backups. You can back up all shares to one repository or select a different repository for each share.

Backup of the file share is not possible to the following destinations:

  • Backup repositories in Amazon S3

  • Local type backup repositories that have backups with immutability enabled

  • SaaS backup repositories

  • Backup repositories in Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

  • Deduplication Appliance (HPE Catalyst, Dell EMC, NEC HYDRASTOR)

Setting a Single Backup Repository for All Shares

To back up selected shares to a single repository, choose a backup repository from the Destination drop-down list.

Setting Different Backup Repositories for Shares

To back up the selected shares to different backup repositories, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Advanced setup.

  2. In the share boxes, choose a different backup repository for each share individually from the Destination drop-down list.