Backup Copy Job Wizard: Destination

On the Destination page of the wizard, select a target location for backup copies.

Selecting a Tape Storage

The Backup Copy Job Wizard allows you to copy backups to tape devices or to media pools. To do this, select Tape from the Destination type drop-down list.


To enable this option, at least one tape device must be added.

Selecting a Target Backup Repository

Backup Copy jobs can copy backups from one Backup Repository to another. Select a target Backup Repository as described below:

  • To copy all backups you have selected on the Backups page to a single Backup Repository, select Disk from the Destination type drop-down list and then select a Backup Repository from the Destination drop-down list.

  • To copy backups to different Backup Repositories, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Advanced setup.
  2. For each backup, select a target Backup Repository.

Mapping Source Backups to Existing Backups

If you have previously copied backups to a different Backup Repository and then lost the Backup Copy job (due to accidental job deletion or because you need to recreate jobs in a new copy of the product) you can map source backups to existing backups in the target Backup Repository to avoid transferring all backup data again.

To map source backups to existing backups in a target Backup Repository, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Advanced setup.

  2. From the Backup repository drop-down list, choose a Backup Repository that contains a copy of the source backup.

  3. Select the Use existing backup as a target option and select the existing backup copy from the drop-down list.

When running the job, the product analyzes the existing backup copy you have selected, determines how it is different from the source backup, and transfers only the differential data.