v5.5 Release Notes

Release Date: 10 March 2015

New Features in v5.5

  • Instant Object recovery for Microsoft Active Directory: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v5.5 provides the ability to instantly browse, search, and recover Microsoft Active Directory objects and containers (such as domains or user groups) directly from compressed and deduplicated VMware VM backups, without having to restore an entire VM first.

  • Execution of Pre and Post Job Scripts: NAKIVO introduces an ability to run custom scripts when a certain Job is started or finished. Job behavior depending on the script result can be customized by the user.

Improvements in v5.5

  • Customizable data compression levels for backup repositories

  • Ability to detach and attach backup repositories on schedule (better support for D2D2T backup)

  • User-configurable error handling for VMware CBT errors

  • Handling of VMware CBT known issue with extended VMDKs (VMware KB 2090639)

  • Ability to double-check data provided by VMware CBT (better behavior in certain cases)

  • Automatic transporter selection functionality improved in large environments

  • Ability to lock the job to manually selected transporters (no automatic selection)

  • Enhanced iSCSI SAN support in VMs running Linux-based transporters

  • Improved handing of large Microsoft Exchange databases in granular recovery

  • Product documentation is available in the online help center

Fixed Issues in v5.5

  • Fixed backup/replication job failures caused by incorrect CBT values provided by an ESXi host.

  • Fixed mount script for CIFS shares on Linux (more stable behavior on new systems)

  • Fixed unexpected stop of Transporter service on some Windows systems

  • Fixed VMware CBT retrieval for VMs with large number of VMDKs in long-running jobs

  • Fixed impossibility to skip a VMDK in Replication Job Wizard

  • Fixed error during forwarding items from File Recovery Wizard

Known Issues in v5.5

  • If the Object Recovery for Microsoft Exchange wizard is launched from Configuration > Repository for a recovery point, the product will fail to open the recovery point (launching the wizard for an entire VM backup or from a job works fine).

  • Flash VM Boot Job does not add a new VM in case a new child VM was added to a Backup Job

  • Microsoft Exchange Public folders are not supported for granular recovery

  • Microsoft Active Directory printers are skipped during import

  • Microsoft Exchange log truncation cannot be performed on some configurations