v3.9 Release Notes

Release Date: 15 January 2014

New Features in v3.9

  • Multi-Tenancy: NAKIVO introduces the industry-first multi-tenancy feature for VM backup and replication, enabling the creation of multiple isolated tenants within a single product deployment and managed under a single pane of glass. This enables managed services, cloud, and hosting providers to introduce VM BaaS, RaaS, and DRaaS to their clients more easily and cost-effectively.

  • Self-Service: In the Multi-Tenant mode, tenants can access the self-service portal to offload the ESXi VM backup, replication, and recovery tasks from the service provider. The self-service can be individually enabled or disabled for each tenant, and data protection privileges can be set for each tenant by a master admin.

  • Dynamic License Allocation: License allocation within NAKVIO Backup & Replication Enterprise Edition supports transferring licenses dynamically from one tenant to another as needed for cloud service providers or from one business unit to another as need for enterprises.   In addition, qualified Cloud Providers can license NAKIVO Backup & Replication on the per-VM monthly rental basis.

  • GFS Backup Rotation: Added support for Grandfather-Father-Son backup rotation scheme allowing to keep and rotate yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily recovery points. 

  • Improved Job Scheduler: Backup and replication can now be scheduled to run weekly, monthly, yearly, or periodically with different time periods between job runs.

Fixed Issues in v3.9

  • Decreasing the transporter load when VMs are running freezes one of VMs with the "waiting" status

  • Icons are not visible / job links do not open a particular job in the overview report

  • VMs with serial port cannot be replicated

  • Product Configuration Wizard issues

Known Issues in v3.9

  • Product update from versions 2.0 and earlier is not supported
  • Recovery job editing is not available