Tape Cartridge Internal Error

Product version: 9.1

Last modified: 05 November 2019


When performing a tape action, the following error appears:

Cannot read/write/scan/erase/move/initialize/eject "X" tape cartridge

An error occurred during the "X" tape cartridge read/write/scan/erase/move/initialize/eject action. Reason: Internal error.


When you encounter an internal error during reading/writing/scanning/erasing/moving/initializing/ejecting a tape cartridge, it means that there is some hardware or connection issue that has not been covered by the tests. 


To find out the root cause of the internal error, do the following:

  • Send a support bundle.

  • Along with the support bundle, provide the NAKIVO support team with the following information:

    • Vendor, model, and firmware version of your tape device.

    • Drivers installed on your tape device.

    • Connection of the tape device to the machine on which the NAKIVO Transporter is installed.

    • System logs and logs from the tape device.

Once the support team analyzes all this information, you will receive an email with the possible solution(s) to your problem.