LVMs in RHEL 9 Not Found in File Recovery Wizard

Product version: 10.6

Last modified: 2 February 2022


When configuring a File Recovery job where RHEL 9 is the chosen recovery source or the location of the assigned Transporter, LVMs may not appear in the Files step of the File Recovery Wizard.


By default, RHEL 9 is configured to allow LVM access to only a specific set of devices managed by the Administrator. Thus, under the default configuration, the relevant Transporter is unable to manipulate LVM devices during recovery.


To make sure LVMs in RHEL 9 are successfully handled by NAKIVO Backup & Replication, do the following on the machine where the relevant Transporter is installed:

  1. Find and open the lvm.conf file located in /etc/lvm/
  2. Locate the use_devicesfile option and set it to 0. The resulting line should look like this:

    use_devicesfile = 0

  3. Save your changes and create the intended recovery job again.