Flash VM Boot Job Cannot be Started

Product version: 10.5

Last modified: 29 October 2021


When attempting to run a Flash VM Boot in a NAKIVO Backup & Replication instance, the job fails and returns the following error:

Flash boot of the [VM name] VM cannot be started

TCP Port 3260 is busy. Try using a proxy transporter.


This error arises when the above iSCSI port 3260 is occupied by a certain system service during the attempted job run. As this port is required to run a Flash VM Boot job, the job fails as long as the port is in use elsewhere.


To get around this issue, try one of the following:

  1. Using a proxy transporter: you can set up a Flash VM Boot job to use Data Routing via a proxy transporter in the Options tab of the Flash VM Boot Job Wizard. For more details on setting up Data Routing in a Flash VM Boot job, see here.

  2. Clearing the required port: for a more simple hands-on workaround, you can manually free up TCP port 3260. First, identify the system process occupying the port (typically an iSCSI service); if the process isn't critical, you can stop it to make the port available for the Flash VM Boot job. In most terminals, the simple lsof -i :3260 command will return a list of all processes occupying a specific port, in this case 3260.