Cannot Deploy Transporter When Director Is Not Connected to the Internet

Product version: 9.0

Last modified: 27 September 2019


The server with the Director does not have access to the internet and the VMware Transporter cannot be deployed even via the local network.


In order to deploy the Transporter, the Director first checks the official NAKIVO website and fetches the latest Transporter image. This image is then used to deploy the Transporter as a remote virtual machine. With no access to the Internet, the Director fails to download the package and aborts the Transporter deployment.


Download the appropriate Transporter OVA file from the NAKIVO downloads page and upload it to the \packages folder in the NAKIVO installation folder: .\NAKIVO Backup & Replication\packages on Windows, and ./director/packages on Linux. This Transporter OVA file will be used for VMware Transporter deployment instead of downloading a new package from the internet.

Make sure the downloaded OVA file is named properly—"transporter-vmware-linux.ova".