Add-On Package Cannot Be Installed on Synology NAS

Product version: 10.2

Last modified: 06 April 2021


During the installation of NAKIVO Backup & Replication on a Synology NAS, the add-on package cannot be installed automatically.


The add-on package includes the following Linux packages required for the product to work correctly:

Due to license restrictions, these two packages cannot be added to the main NAKIVO Backup & Replication installer. That's why they are included in the special package, which is installed separately.


If the add-on automatic installation fails, install the add-on manually:

  1. Connect to the NAS via ssh using admin account

  2. Get root privileges: 

    sudo -i

  3. Enter your admin password when prompted 

  4. Download the package:


  5. Make it executable: 

    chmod +x /tmp/ 

  6. Install the package: