VTL Discovery Fails if Drives are Mounted as SCSI Targets in Nonconsecutive Order

Product version: 9.1

Last modified: 28 August 2019


Why does the discovery of VTL fail when I try to add a new library with the drives mounted in nonconsecutive order?

root@ip-10-30-100-87:/opt/nakivo/transporter/bh-logs# iscsiadm -m session
tcp: [13],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-mediachanger (non-flash)
tcp: [14],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-03 (non-flash)
tcp: [15],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-04 (non-flash)
tcp: [16],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-01 (non-flash)
tcp: [17],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-05 (non-flash)
tcp: [18],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-02 (non-flash)
tcp: [19],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-08 (non-flash)
tcp: [20],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-07 (non-flash)
tcp: [21],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-09 (non-flash)
tcp: [22],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-10 (non-flash)
tcp: [23],1 iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-06 (non-flash)


The numbers of the drives must be edited manually according to their real order; namely, if the third drive with iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-d406e2bd-tapedrive-03 is mounted as the first (in GUI as 0), you have to specify 3 as the drive number for this drive.