Screenshot Verification Fails During Flash VM Boot Job

Product version: 10.0

Last modified: 06 July 2020


When running a VMware Flash VM Boot job for a Windows machine, screenshot verification fails because VMware Tools are not available or out of date. 


During the Flash VM Boot job, NAKIVO Backup & Replication uses direct access to backups in the repository via the selected network. If the network is slow, screenshot verification may fail due to the service startup timeout.


To solve the problem, take the following actions:

  1. Before running a Flash VM Boot job, increase the service startup delay on the source machine by taking the following actions:

    1. Open the Windows Service Manager.

    2. Navigate to VMware Tools Service.

    3. Click VMware Tools Properties.

    4. Select Automatic (Delayed Startup).

  2. Increase the default time-out value on the source VM. Refer to the Microsoft article for instructions.