Invalid AD Group Name Error

Product version: 10.1

Last modified: 7 August 2020


Integration test fails during the Active Directory integration configuration with the following error:

Groups [group name] is/are invalid groups in AD system.


To prevent this problem from occurring, make sure that the group name you have entered exists and that you have entered it correctly. You can see the list of all AD group names using the following Powershell command:

get-adgroup -filter *

Alternatively, you can see the AD groups that the specific user is a part of using the following command:

net user [username] domain


If your number of AD groups exceeds 5,000, you may get the following alarm:

Active directory group limit of 5,000 has been reached. To sync required groups specify them in Prioritized integrated groups field in AD Configuration Wizard.

To avoid this error, add the names of the necessary groups in the Prioritized integrated groups field as Nakivo Backup & Replication only adds the first 5,000 by default.