Failed to Connect to Active Directory Domain

Product version: 10.2

Last modified: 5 October 2020


While configuring Active Directory integration, the connection test on the Settings page of the wizard fails with the following error:

Could not connect to the AD domain.

Possible Causes

Some of the root causes for this error include the following:

  • The network is unreachable. 

  • Incorrect Active Directory Domain/Forest level configuration.

  • The machine on which the Active Directory is installed is powered off.

  • Invalid credentials.


  • Make sure the network and Active Directory Domain/Forest level are correctly configured. Follow the instructions provided in the Microsoft guide.

  • Access your virtual environment or physical server and power on the machine or host housing the Active Directory.

  • Make sure that the credentials were entered correctly, and they were not modified in NAKIVO Backup & Replication or Active Directory.