HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Limitation

Product version: 10.1

Last modified: 04 September 2020


When running a backup job to the Backup Repository located on HPE StoreOnce Catalyst the job fails with the following error:

Transporter cannot read and/or write to the specified backup repository location. Make sure sufficient permissions are provided.


The problems can be caused by one of HPE StoreOnce Catalyst limitations. HPE StoreOnce has a limit on the number of concurrently opened files. Because of this limit, the maximum length of backup chains (full backup and a set of subsequent incremental backups) on the storage is also limited. 

The limitation on the number of tasks and depth of an incremental chain (maximum recovery points) applies to a backup, full VM recovery, and granular recovery. Note that if a VM has many disks (10, 15 or more) the depth of incremental chain should be even smaller.

Consider these formulas:

  • 2 * (N + 1) per disk for full synthetic backup
  • 2 * N per disk for full VM recovery
  • N per disk for granular recovery

where N is the depth of incremental chain. The maximum number of recovery points per backup chain depends on the storage model you use. Refer to Storage Integration Requirements> HPE StoreOnce Catalyst>Supported maximums for details.