RTR Job: Failed to Create Journal Disk

Product version: 10.10

Last modified: 6 November 2023


Real-time replication job fails with the following message:

Real-time replication of the "{1}" VM has failed. An internal error has occurred while replicating the "{1}" VM. Reason: Failed to create journal disk.


In real-time replication jobs, the target Transporter must use Hot Add mode to access the replica.

If the replica's VM version is < 14 (ESXi 6.7), the VMware Paravirtual SCSI controller shall not support more than 15 nodes.

If the source VM contains 12 disks and once the RTR job starts running, the replica shall require additional 4 SCSI Virtual Device Nodes (of all SCSI controllers) to attach 4 journal disks (in total, this will make 12+4=16). And since a single Paravirtual SCSI controller contains only 15 nodes by default, this results in a real-time replication job failure.


To run this job successfully, consider upgrading the replica’s VM version.