File Share Backup Job Does Not Back Up a Number of Files

Product version: 10.6

Last modified: 14 March 2022


When attempting to run file share backup, the job does not back up a number of files and returns the following error:

[Number of] items were not backed up for the [File share name] file share

Data for [Number of skipped] items could not be retrieved.


This issue may arise when the transporter is unable to read or open certain files or folders in the given file share location. Cases where this occurs include:

  1. Insufficient permissions to access certain files and/or folders

  2. Internal error is encountered while attempting to read file data

  3. Network connectivity issues

  1. Files and/or folders with prohibited characters in their name 


To work around some of the above issues when running a file share backup job, try the following:

  • Check that there are no network issues at the source

  • Ensure that all file and folder names contain valid characters

  • Add permissions to access files/folders if needed