Data Size Mismatch

Product version: 10.2 

Last modified: 18 December 2020


The backup/replication/backup copy/recovery job fails with the following error.

Data size mismatch error has occurred while backing up/replicating/recovering/copying one or more disks/virtual disks/EBS volumes of the "X" VM/physical machine/backup/instance.


The error occurs due to a mismatch in the expected data size to be processed and the actual size of the processed data which may result in a VM crash, data loss, etc.

Possible Cause

The error is most likely to occur in an unstable network environment when a full block of data gets lost during transmission.


To solve the problem, do the following:

  1. Make sure the network settings are configured correctly.

  2. Additionally, consider increasing the bandwidth limit to improve the connection speed.