Repository Space Reclaim Was Interrupted

Product version: 10.6

Last modified: 15 December 2021


After space reclaim is executed, the backup or recovery process fails with the following error:

The repository space reclaim was interrupted, possibly as a result of rebooting the transporter or disconnecting storage during space reclaim.

Backup to this repository will not run to avoid further data corruption.


Hardware failures, Transporter reboot, or storage disconnection during the space reclaim tasks can cause metadata and backup data to be locked, partially written, or even corrupted. If the last space reclaim task was not successfully completed or was not gracefully stopped, any interaction with this Backup Repository will be locked to prevent any further data corruption.


To avoid disrupting NAKIVO Backup & Replication processes and data corruption, add the application to the whitelist/exclusions list of the antivirus software running on the machine where the NAKIVO backup repository is set up.