Backup Repository - Insufficient Permissions

Product version: 10.0

Last modified: 20 August 2020


You cannot create/add a Backup Repository on a Linux OS. The error message states that the Transporter cannot read and/or write to the specified location.


  1. Make sure the folder where you want to create/add the Backup Repository is managed by the bhsvc user. To assign the bhsvc user to the folder, run the following command: 

    chown –R bhsvc:bhsvc /path_to_the_folder

  2. In NAKIVO Backup & Replication, create or add the Backup Repository.

After the Backup Repository is created or added, make sure that files and folders have correct permissions:

  1. Navigate to the Backup Repository folder. For example: 

    cd /path_to_the_folder/NakivoBackup

  2. List directory contents by running the following command: ll

  3. Make sure that the “transit” and “raw” folders have the following permissions:

    • owner rwx

    • group rwx

  4. Make sure that the “.desc” and “.desc2” files have the following permissions:

    • owner rw-

    • group r--

  5. If permissions are different, set the right permissions by running the following commands:

    chmod 770 /path_to_the_folder/NakivoBackup/folder_name

    chmod 640 /path_to_the_folder/NakivoBackup/file_name