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Last Modified: 05 September 2019


During a physical server machine backup job, the following error message appears:

Code Block
ThisThe serverphysical machine contains unsupported volumes.
Source data will be read from such volumes directly (without snapshots). This may influence recovery point consistency.


If a physical source server machine contains unsupported basic/dynamic/logical disk volumes, the above error message appears.  In this case, a physical server machine backup job will be started but the source data will be read directly form the volumes, not the snapshots, which may influence recovery point consistency. Below is the list of the volumes supported by NAKIVO Backup & Replication for physical server machine backup jobs.

Windows OS

On Windows, NAKIVO Backup & Replication supports basic and dynamic disks with the following volume layouts:


Use the Disk Management tool to view and manage your dynamic volumes.

Linux OS

On Linux, NAKIVO Backup & Replication supports only LVM volumes of the following types: