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Product Version:6 9.03
Last Modified: 20 January 201619 May 2020


I cannot back up a VM from a Free ESXi host with SSH access disabled.
How can I enable SSH?


NAKIVO Backup & Replication requires SSH access enabled in on Free ESXi hosts.
To enable SSH in ESXi host with the vSphere Client, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the host and click the Configuration tab.
  2. Click Security Profile > Properties.
    In ESXi 5.x, select TSM-SSHSSH or ESXiShell and click Options.
    In ESXi 4.1, select Local Tech Support or Remote Tech Support (SSH) and click Options.
  3. Choose the desired startup policy and , click Start, and then click OK.
    We recommend choosing Start and stop with host as a startup policy.
  4. Verify that the daemon selected in on Step 3 shows as is running in the Services Properties window.

 More information on enabling SSH in on an ESXi host can be found in VMware KB 2004746.