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Product Version: 9.0
Last Modified: 27 Sepember 2019


The application database cannot be found during an object level recovery. The following error message is displayed:

Code Block
Application databases were not found.


By default, NAKIVO Backup & Replication searches for data in the default app locations. If the Exchange Object Recovery wizard cannot find the Exchange database, do the following:you changed the location of application data, the product won't be able to find the data automatically, so you need to select it manually.

The other reason is that the application version you have is not supported by NAKIVO Backup & Replication.


  • Make sure that your Exchange version application is supported. Refer to the Feature Requirements section for more information.
  • Locate the

    Exchange database manually as described in the Manually locating Exchange Database Files section

    database manually:

    Application DatabaseImage Added

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    NAKIVO Backup and Replication searches for data in default app locations. If you changed the location of application data, you need to specify it manually.